IndoGateway a house consultants, was established on January 1, 2009, located at Jalan Raya Semer Pertokoan Kencana Indah II / R4 . Banjar Semer - Kerobokan - Kuta - Badung - Bali 80361, and is engaged in the legal profession services and business development. The purpose of the Indo-Gateway service is the provision of quality professional services and effective. With a professional services that are reliable and quality, so members of the public may be possible to actually feel the comfort and advantages of the application of professional services oriented to the creation of value-added and practical solutions in addressing problems and the business community.

Indo-Gateway in providing independent opinions and total solutions to clients. Partnerships are concepts that principle in creating work together to improve quality and productivity of both partial and general of each client.

The things that make a difference Indo-Gateway and close to its clients:

  • Provide a complete picture of opportunities available to clients
  • Creative innovation in providing total solutions and advice to clients
  • The concept of partnership which is always a good complementary
  • Human resources that are reliable and professional in his field
  • Leadership in technology implementation
  • Provide a competitive price with excellent quality

Through a mutually beneficial business relationships Indo-Gateway ensures each client is handled professionally and transparently. Explored the strategy adopted for the calculation of Benefit Cost Ratio in which the reasonableness of the cost to achieve optimal results the basis for the application of a total solution / opinion.

Indo-Gateway is currently more stable to participate in national economic growth, especially in providing total solutions and advice to our clients success in facing the era of global competition.




IndoGateway Law Office

  Address : Jalan Raya Semer Pertokoan Kencana Indah II / R4 Banjar Semer
      Kerobokan - Kuta, Badung - Bali - Indonesia 80361
  Phone : +62 361 736091
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